Claiming to unravel the secrets unleashed never before, Formula One Trader enters the casino arena with a big bang! The Formula One Trader is an infamous sport by virtue of the difficulty players face to place their bets. They are faced with a series of troubles such as technical problems, system and software crashes, conditions of weather and above all team orders.

While at one moment you may make it straight to Lady Luck, the very next might put your hopes in the tyre wall with the driver. The F1 Trader strives to guarantee a profit margin by using the back and lay facility you get on Betfair. If you are familiar with the concept of trading, you’ll know that punters look out for trends in the market so that they can support and put forward a selection at different prices, thereby bringing about a profit.

The Formula One Trader system is fairly priced at L34.99 within a 30 page PDF file. After explaining the system inns and outs of Betfair, it starts with the user friendly approach. The factual system is presented in an easy to read format which clearly explains the purpose of the system, which is supported by a few examples to help you out as you read along.

The system is not suited to all races, but show a reasonable profit nonetheless. Like all systems, sometimes a particular trade demonstrates a loss but along an entire Grand Prix the player should be able to throw up a profit and with time you will be able to identify losing trades easily. As a practical explanation of the odds, Formula One Trader provides an insight into the following:

  • Explaining the fractional and decimal odds.
  • Trading on Betfair through backing and laying.
  • You’ll also get a view of the weight of money and how it affects the markets you are currently betting on.
  • Secrets or fundamental rules every gambler must know.
  • Laying the important Betting Bots, deciding on which are the best and the ones you should use.
  • The Formula 1 Trader System that helps you make the maximum profits at the race, with a few rules made easy to earn you profits.